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The Back Story…

~ 240 lbs

I’ll never forget that day when I got that call…

Feeling poorly for awhile…(I can’t imagine why)…my PCP, Dr. Wally, sent me for some tests.

Cholestrol – new heights.
Blood sugar – sky high, too.
Triglycerides – off the chart!

Unfortunately, I was still eating like I was playing tennis 4 hours a day and running 25 miles a week…ten years earlier.

I was on the famous pizza, Pringles, and pecan pie diet…with a fat, juicy burrito for dessert. For twenty years, I’d say. Evidently, I was so active it didn’t appear to be an issue.

I digress.

With the crappy blood-test results, I was immediately sent to a cardiologist to investigate the very, disturbing chest pains!

Dismayed by the whole thing, I agreed to a ‘thallium stress test’. It’s a procedure where they inject you with enough nuclear waste to power all the neon honky-tonks on a Saturday night in Nashville.

The next day, my cellphone rang…


“Hey, Rockettman…we got the test back.”

                   “Yeah…go on.”

          “You have two 90% blockages in your LAD.”

                   “What’s the LAD.”

“Left Arterial Descending. The main artery in your heart. The Widowmaker.”


          “It needs to be fixed.”

                   “Ok…any idea when?”

          “What are you doing for lunch, tomorrow?”

(Insert a soberingly LONG pause here.)


The lunch date was set and I can promise you…that was the longest 24-hours of my life. That wait!

An angioplasty they called it. Sounded intimidating.

But the procedure went well enough, if you overlook the heart-attack that visited upon me on the operating table.

My deep gratitude goes out to Dr. Armin Walser and his team for creating the drug Versed in the 70s…as I haven’t any recollection of the cardiac event.

Of course, kudos to my cardiologist, Dr. Carollo for the double-stent jumpstart.

Here’s the AFTER pic.


All fixed! Right?

Not so FAST!  (See what I did there?)

This was not an END to a bad situation…but the beginning of a twelve-year battle to get my health back.

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