It’s inspirational & so satisfying to receive client testimonals like those below…

“I  am digging this.  I am sure I am in the initial glow of a new thing, but this seems just like simple science and easier than trying to make a hundred little willpower decisions throughout the day about what I should or shouldn’t eat and wrestling internally to do the “right” thing instead of the thing my body is craving me to do.  You just may be on to something!  And you are breaking it down in these gradual steps that are doable and make me feel, for the first time in a long time, that I am actually accomplishing something!  Thank you!!!” 
Brenda H. ~ Los Angeles

“MONSTER accelerated learning. I love it!” 
Mike B. ~ Memphis

“I’m still IF and trying to stick with keto. I did mess up a bit on what I ate last weekend (it wasn’t keto). But I’ve still been doing well with IF. I lost another 3 pounds. (18 lbs total) “
Korrinda J. ~ Omaha

“Just want to say just how much I have enjoyed the FASTROCKETT program. I have worked up to a 18:6 protocoland feel AWESOME. One problem…I’m going to have to buy a new wardrobe.”
Randy C. ~ Tulsa

“The 21-Day Reset has given me the tools live my best life. I now have a path way to health benefits such as lower blood pressure, ideal weight, and a better A1C.”
Trey D. ~ Nashville

The FASTROCKETT Intermittent Fasting Program is powerful. Reach out today to learn exactly how I lost 70 lbs, reversed my diabetes, & kept it off for 3 years. To attend the next webinar, leave your name & email below. 

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