If you can’t measure what’s going on inside of your body…how do you know what’s going on? Simple & quick answer is…you don’t!

I’d like to show you a demonstration of one of the principles of The FASTROCKETT 21-Day Reset Program. Below you see 3 testing results of my latest Glucose Ketosis Index readings. It is a readout based on a small blood sample from a fingerstick performed at home.

The first reading was taken at 9:10am after 14 hrs of fasting.

My first feeding of the day was taken at 11am.

My second reading was taken slightly before my second meal of the day at 7pm. Notice there is a high-level of therapeutic of ketosis. Eight hours passed with no calories between the 11am meal & the 7pm meal.

The third reading was taken at roughly 9:15pm, 2 hrs after the night meal. Not only was the glucose reading <140 (which is standard for non-diabetics 2 hrs after a meal…but still in a moderate level of ketosis.

What does this mean? It means that for the previous 24 hrs…I was burning a healthy amount of body fat for fuel. That’s the good news. 

The better news? I feasted like a King when I ate!



FastRockett Intermittent Fasting
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