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Another 21-Day Reset…starts Monday, March 15…and you get to try out Day 1… for FREE!

I have answered this question a a lot lately…”FASTROCKETT…so, why do I need to buy this program from you when I can collect this information for myself, online.”  

Excellent question. The answer is simple…time, learning curve, test, and efficacy.

If you have the time to research and develop your learning curve to put together a program for yourself; then test the program to determine if the efficacy of the program renders a positive outcome. By all means…100%…you should do it yourself.

Now that I look at it…that wasn’t such a simple answer, was it?

I am completely on board with it. After all, that’s what I did. The problem is it…it took three years with all the starts & stops!

With the 21-Day Reset, you’ll learn the all-inclusive group of fundamentals regarding intermittent fasting. How to do it effectively…foods to eat & avoid. All the shortcuts you need that took me several years to learn, condensed into 21 days.

At the end of the 21 day period, you will be in full understanding of how to meet your weight loss goals. PLUS: you get to see me via video turned up in your email, every day for 3 weeks. 🙂

Here’s where you have two options:

  • Click the video below to watch Day 1 for the course, absolutely free.
  • Purchase the course for $129 and begin your adventure to FINALLY getting rid of your unwanted weight. PURCHASE HERE

Lemme know what you’re thinking. Simply drop an email to

Thank you for you interest in The FASTROCKETT 21 Day Reset.

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