Benefits Of Being Fat-Adapted!

It’s been a few years of the IF & Keto combo for me…and I must tell you if has its advantanges.

As I’m busy developing the FASTROCKETT platform, the demands of being a full-time, self-employed photographer have stolen all my attention for the past couple of months. This results in not being as strict as I typically am with diet considerations.

Now…don’t get me wrong…I don’t eat PIE, or BREAD…or CORN…or ANY PROCESSED SUGAR! But when I ease my focus on my nutrition…what will happen is I’ll consume more NET carbs than usual.

So, where does that leave me day-to-day?

When I’m strict and in an ‘intentional fat-burning’ mode…I’ll consume no more than 20g carbs, daily. Not 20g NET carbs. 20g TOTAL CARBS!

I know…hardcore! But this is how I’ve lost 70 lbs & reversed my T2 diabetes. I still have another 20 lbs to go.

So, the past 60 day sabbatical has been more of a net carb adventure, shattering my ’20g carb rule’. (I didn’t even test blood sugar levels during that period.)

As you can see in this reading, my glucose level is 110 mg/dl…typically my blood sugar level is 80-90 mg/dl. So the ‘net-carb’ puts more carbohydrate into my body than I normally take in.

Here’s the point…because I have fasted successfully over a period of a few years…I am totally fat-adapted. And it only took me a 24-hr period for my metabolism to regroup and understand there’s plenty of fuel in fat calories to burn instead of glucose (sugar). See photo above…low glucose/high ketone levels.

As you can see from today’s testing, after almost 20 hrs fasting…I’m nicely in ketosis. And, not hangry.

The FastRockett 21-Day Reset can teach you the principals to get YOU fat-adapted, as well.

And, why is this important? Because, like most of us…you’ve spent your life SAD…(trapped on the Standard American Diet). Unfortunately, a very unhealthy way of eating with processed carbohydrates as the main fuel source. Your metabolism has simply forgotten that your fat stores are a legitimate (and necessary) alternative fuel source.

The human body was designed to operate as a sugar-burning machine AND a fat-burning machine. Here’s the best part…YOU can decide which source to use, whenever you wish!!!

Become fat-adapted…click HERE for details.


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