"I was a 150lb guy trapped in a 250lb body!"

At the time, I was on the famous pizza, Pringles, and pecan pie diet…with a fat, juicy burrito for dessert. For twenty years, I’d say. 

Unfortunately, I was still eating like I was playing tennis 4 hours a day and running 25 miles a week…like the ten years prior…

fastrockett intermittent fasting

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The plans we offer...

If you have struggled with weight-loss over the years like I have…I am confident my program can help.

21-Day Restart

This program was developed to condense your learning curve to a few weeks or months…instead of a few years like in my case.

Phone Consultation

Phone/Zoom consultations. I'm available Monday - Saturdays 9a-6p CST. Perhaps this is a better option for the non-beginner.


90-Day all inclusive plan complete with food program & workout plan.

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What our clients have to say...

The FastRockett program gave me the tools to start fasting effectively. With the program it helped boost my mood in the mornings, kept me more alert, and helped me lose weight as well.
Michael D.
Data Analytics
I lost 15 lbs in the 21 Day Reset and I feel amazing. And I'm just getting started. I have a lot more to go but I'm very encouraged. The 18:6 protocol seems to be the perfect fit for me.
Korrinda J.
Just want to say just how much I have enjoyed the FASTROCKETT program. I have worked up to a 18:6 protocoland feel AWESOME. One problem...I'm going to have to buy a new wardrobe.
Randy C.
Financial Planner
The 21-Day Reset has given me the tools live my best life. I now have a path way to health benefits such as lower blood pressure, ideal weight, and a better A1C.
Trey D.
Systems Engineering