FASTROCKETT Intermittent Fasting Coach

Welcome To FastRockett…

This project has been in the making for four years…I just wasn’t aware of it.

After a couple of decades of abusing the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet), I found myself neck-deep in heart and vascular issues, not to mention severe insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

A few surgeries later and the realization my dance card was in danger of running out, I decided to look into the metabolic shit-show that was my life in 2015.

Long story short…I created an intevention for myself. Lost 70 lbs & reversed my type 2 diabetes.

Like I said…it took four years to figure it all out…to transition into a healthy lifestyle.

Naturally, there are others who might benefit from my story & example. Hence…FASTROCKETT was created.

Weight-loss & amazing health benefits thru intermittent fasting…
time-restricted feeding.

Saddle up…let’s do this.

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